Thursday, 23 September 2010

Conrad Schnitzler - Grün

(Captain Trip, 2006, CD)

1 Der Riese Und Seine Frau 32:49
2 Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht 20:36
3 Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht / 45 14:08

Remastered Japanese reissue of original 1981 LP recorded in '72-'73

Track 3 is a bonus track; it is side 2 of the LP played at 45rpm as opposed to 33rpm.  

Format: 320kbps .mp3



  1. Thanks for this... Do you have "Blau"?

  2. Wow! The Captain Trip issue of Grün, I can hardly believe my eyes, this is just so so rare with a single copy on Discogs going for $150! It is funny, I have always messed around with the pitch and speed on Schnitzler's music but I had no idea there were specific instructions on one of his original records that "formally" offered two different playing speeds.

    There is a little bit of confusion about the date of recording, you mentioned 72-73 where as I have read elsewhere that Der Riese Und Seine Frau was recorded in 1976 and Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht in 1980...the trouble with reissues of reissues is that it all can get a little confusing!

    Many thanks again for sharing such a rare and incredible record, you sir, are a star!